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We have strong experience (over 15 years) in analyzing and building eGovernment solutions, ready for the next generation of Gov technologies. Governments have recognized the potential of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to enhance competitiveness and improve efficiency and capability of its institutions.

In the "Information Society" ICTs have also become
increasingly important as governments strive to make essential services such as healthcare, transport and education easily accessible and delivered seamlessly to its citizens.As governments make substantial investments in ICT, it is essential that such investments are well-managed and delivered to meet the increasing demands of its community.

The EU policy and legislative environment offers both opportunities and threats – working with our team and learning our methodology called "EGov-Metrics" ensures foresight and commitment to succeed where others fail.We provide you technical assistance in e-government, e-governance and in social innovation which allows you to develop the most appropriate response strategy and action plan.We support you in engaging with key decision makers and opinion leaders by building a trusted relationship with them and give visibility to your issues.

We master the EU legislative process and procedures, we are creative and solution oriented and we will work together with you to identify specific goals, timings and desired outcomes over the medium to long term programmes.The transition, be it from paper to paperless, or a refresh from older to newer systems, is often not straightforward.

Many employees, and sometimes clients, may be affected by the technology shift. The key is to avoid organizational shock through proper implementation planning.

The methodology developed by Joseph Caristena called "EGov-Metrics"
has enabled government agencies and large organizations to take the less resistant and most efficient path towards the technological change.

We are able to do this by leveraging on best practices in the public sector,
our proven methodologies, our domain knowledge and the extensive experience we have gained through implementing successful EGovernment solutions around the world.

The main focus of "EGov Metrics" is to understand the current state, the "As Is" of your business environment,
such as your available e-services, infrastructure, processes, goals and needs.

From a creative, technical idea/aspiration into a structured framework, complete with a working government, social and business model.

EGov Metrics Dynamic Grid Performance:
EU Europe Culture Creative Programme EU European Enlargement (TAIEX NEAR) EU Information Society Legislation EU EGovernment Guidelines and Standards EGovernment Budget Performance Analyst EGovernment Performance Analyst (KPI - Key Performance Indicators) EGovernment Big Open Data Analyst EU Project Management & Innovation Management EPM Evidence-Based Policymaking Social Innovation & Social Reverse Engineering
Programming and Development Environment:
App cross-platform mobile development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone .