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Is there still time to read a book to understand this "Turbolent Age of Change" ?


I don't think so.



Is it all about a worldwide crisis ?


It is all about an increasing gap between rich and poor.

And about a misunderstand of the identity of a nation's heritage and cultural background.



What is AREAM ?

A.R.E.A.M: Algorithms Rule Everything Around Me

Without the algorithms, data is just data.

Algorithms rule our world by organizing and making sense of data for us.

At its core, an algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed, usually by a computer, in calculations or other problem-solving operations. It could be as simple as a food recipe that you can follow step by step, although nowadays they are more than likely to be as complex as the code for machine learning programs.

Algorithms are great for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning, which makes them a super valuable tool in today’s data-driven world. Everything that we do, from eating to sleeping, can now be tracked digitally and generate data, and algorithms are the tools to organize this unstructured data and whip it into shape, preferably that of discernible patterns from which actionable insights can be drawn. Without the algorithms, data is just data, and human brains are comparatively ill-equipped to deal with large amounts of it.