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Our creative coursware team  designs
NFE - Non Formal Education Programmes
for private and public sector.

Training courses are developed using latest edge software for online and crossover accessibility.

A new website in Italian about the European Union after Brexit

We promote discussion groups and talk shows about the new remapping process of the European Union after Brexit.

EU Official Missions (DG Near + Cnect)

The "Sharing Experience" is engaging
communities and
the local governments.

The Knowledge Sharing Experience Platform
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EGov Metrics serves hundreds of public officials each year.

Training Programme
Learn the key factors and insights which are reshaping European Union of the new millennium.

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  • Big DataData Economy

  • Responsive Dashboards

  • Social Engineering

Social Impact

Intelligence Age
We are currently experiencing a shift from the
Information Age to the Intelligence Age
which will be characterized by the autonomous communication
between smart devices and intelligent agents
that are sensitive to the presence of a crowd or even to a single person
performing automatically specific tasks.
This new emerging scenario will change people’s lifestyle and behaviours.