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Africa and III Millennium

Africa and III Millennium

Joint Africa-EU strategy

The joint Africa-EU strategy was adopted in 2007 as the formal channel for EU relations with African countries.
This strategy was agreed by the African Union
and EU institutions, as well as by African and EU countries.

What is the Africa-EU Partnership ?

The Africa-EU Partnership is the formal political channel through which the European Union (EU) and the African continent work together, engage in political and policy dialogues and define their cooperative relationship. It was established in 2000 at the first Africa-EU Summit in Cairo. The partnership is guided by the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, which was adopted at the second EU-Africa Summit in Lisbon in 2007. Following the 5th AU-EU Summit, cooperation currently focuses on four priority areas.

The Africa-EU Partnership strives to bring Africa and Europe closer together through strengthening economic cooperation and promoting sustainable development, with both continents co-existing in peace, security, democracy, prosperity, solidarity and human dignity. Against this backdrop, the two partners are determined to work together on a strategic, long-term footing to develop a shared vision for EU-Africa relations in a globalised world.

Their common interests include issues such as climate change, global security and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


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