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Digital Transformation requires a human touch, it is not about technology.It is more likely about human science and other disciplines, we need to pay attention on what is missing and avoid focusing on what already exist.

Today, we need to get in contact with people with diverse experiences and different cultural backgrounds to imagine and innovate almost every single aspect of our society.

Technology (hardware, software and algorithms) must be seriously considered as an amplifier and extender of human's mind and NOT as a ruler.

If you are NOT aware of "Change", it will change you !


A "Creative Cultural Diplomacy" approach can trigger the "Digital Transformation"
simultaneously between the largest digital marketplaces between Europe and Africa.

The Mediterranean is back to be the center of the world again.

In western economies, an extented vision to the Mediterranean Sea as the center of the world is required again to handle the dynamics of the age of a turbolent interaction between nations.

For millennia, the Mediterranean has facilitated trade and exchanges on one side and values and principles on the other, that made it a crossroads for civilizations.

Globalization ended silently at the end of the last century, showing the effects only today.

The emerging dynamics of the marketplace are now based on "Geographic Macro Areas".
In other words not boundaries, but "Extended Boundaries" on Earth and in space (Space Economy).

Many nations (on Earth) of a specified geographic area with international common rules
and common practices, are governing the "Side Economy" of a nation.

Every nation, today, must rule itself with an extended vision from Earth to space (to see the whole picture).

Every nation now must take dual decisions for the economy on Earth and for the "Space Economy", because human kind is finally in "transition" to endless horizons;)

Joseph Caristena

Social Dynamics of Labour Marketplace


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